Model No MNT.PI.73

Multi Playground Equipment manufacturer Hyderabad Schools parks apartments group houses villas

Sl.NO Description Qty.
1. play stations(42’’ sq Deck,12 ft. HT with canopy) with 3’’Pipe legs 4Nos.
2. FRP(30’’) tunnel- 6 ft. Long 1 No.
3. Straight climber(6ft. LG) 1 No.
4. FRP Family slide 5’ x 9’/Tubular slide 1 No.
5. Double swing with fiber seats 1 No.
6. FRP wave slide-10’ LG 1 No.
7. Rock climber-8’ LG with suitable grips for climbing 1 No.
8. Triangular bar 10’ LG with triangles of 32mm pipe with 3’’pipe stand 1 No.
9. Chain climber with surrounding 42mm pipe support pipes -9ft.LG 1 No.
10. Bridge with anti skid FRP 10’ long, with railing 30’’ HT 1 No.
11. Chain balancing-10LG with suitable fiber seats as shown in fig. 1 No.
12. Rain bow Climber(48 mm pipe) 1 No.
13. S-climber 1 No.
14 Spiral Slide 1 No.
All the pipes used in this ride are class-B ,standard make only